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If you would like to customise a service such as a time or date that is more suited please email me, however it is destined to unfold your healing will be as your higher self intended it to be.

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About Me

From a young child I could see and sense energies and Angelics beyond the veil but like most of us I was taught 'it was just my imagination and not real' though as divinely planned this eventually led me to re connecting with my higher self as the pure source energy being I am. The name 'Emma' holds meaning of   'universal nurse' this certainly shows through my passions and souls desires. 

Through personal experiences, karma and ancestral trauma that I had agreed to take on to heal and transmute within this lifetime physical ailments began to manifest and I began my long fulfilling journey beginning to remember and awaken my souls blueprint, rediscover my higher self and my connection to higher dimensions.

Since learning how to do the RAAH Reiki technique, my heart is filled with pure love and joy that I am able to continue aiding others in healing through this deep spiritual technique.

"Learning all over again what our soul already knows is beautiful and the gift of remembering who we are is magical!"- Emma