Session Preparation

Preparation For RAAH Session

13 Ways To Prepare For RAAH Session

 (In preparation for your session, please read the items below thoroughly)

  1. This process can take about 1.5 hours. If conducting online your phone will work just fine, but a wi-fi connection will ensure that Zoom will have a strong connection during the meeting. The session will be video recorded. Please ensure you download the Zoom application prior, test the camera and mic settings, and make sure your device is fully charged.

Click here to the Zoom Help Page if you’re having trouble.

Do you own a selenite and black tourmaline, shungite, black obsidian, black onyx crystal? These are important during the session to connect and in aiding you to ground after. 

  1. Set your intent, be clear with your Higher Self about why you are seeking a session. There are several reasons one might seek a session and being able to convey this will be most helpful. Some common reasons people have sessions are as follows- energy blockages, illness, health, balance energies & chakras, cleanse, cut & transmute negative cords, negative implants, at times immunization shots, entity removal, heal energy blockages, auric fields, expand spiritual gifts... 

Illnesses are energy imbalances and blockages that we have created within ourselves. Our body tries to speak to us through these signs. Examples being- cancer being unexpressed emotions turning into anger. Diabetes- lack of sweetness/love in your life. Arthritis- holding on to something/someone very tightly, not releasing. Throat Disorders- not speaking your truth, fear of speaking out. 

  1. Practice connecting to your Higher Self, intent to balance ego mind: start by saying to yourself both out loud and inside your mind, “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”. Understanding that this expanded presence is within you - and not external to you - will allow the healing to flow more freely in your session.

  2. Practice surrender and allowance when speaking to the Higher Self. Your ego mind might try to interfere when you are speaking to your Higher Self. When it tries to interfere, ask it with love and respect to step aside. Envision it as a child, give it a hug, and explain to it that you are trying to do this for your highest good. You have needed your ego your whole life as it has been your protection and a great teacher to keep you safe.

Envision yourself as a leaf floating on a river. The large body of water is your higher self who is one with Source/Creator. The leaf allows for the river to be taken in whichever current/direction is needed by surrendering and allowance.

  1. Drink water. Water equals consciousness, it is the conductor to higher frequencies! You can think of your body as a vehicle that requires fuel to operate. The water is your fuel to facilitate a strong connection to, and communication with, other realms. Start today! Continue to drink plenty of water up until the start of your session; don’t worry about needing to use the restroom as the higher self if needed will guide to the restroom still maintaining you in your hypnosis. With every glass of water, set the intent to release all that does not serve you for your highest good. 

  1. Most people don’t realize that we enter a hypnotic state many times throughout the day. It is quite easy to enter this relaxed state while driving on the highway, watching TV, or reading a book. The trance that we enter is marked by brainwaves with a deeper frequency than we have in a fully-alert state. We are relaxed, thus going with the flow into these brain waves. Using the technique described herein, we enter the Theta brainwave state during the session, which is the state we are in just prior to falling asleep and just as we awaken. In Theta, you are able to connect to your soul.

  2. Leave expectations at the door. Every session is as unique as the individual who has one. Your session will unfold in your own consciousness in your own way, and will more beautifully do so if you don’t expect certain things to happen or not happen.

  3. Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Don’t have too many caffeine drinks before your session. You want to be relaxed, but you do not want to be nursing a caffeine withdrawal headache by going cold turkey. 

If you use recreational drugs, please do not use them 1 week prior. Otherwise, we will have a hard time in connecting you to the higher self who is all knowing, in receiving the healing and answers you desire.

  1. Eat a snack or light meal prior to your session. Please don’t start our session by being hungry. If doing in person, bring water.

  2. Dress very comfortably in white or light, loose clothing and minimal jewelry - and go easy on the mascara. Tears are very common, they are “release healing mechanisms” and are most welcome.

  3. Self-healing: When you have a session, your Higher Self initiates the self-healing process that we all possess by connecting you to your auric sphere and correcting deficiencies it identifies. If you do not believe it is working, it will not. You must also put forth the effort to self-heal by meditation and connecting yourself to the healing process.

Truly all answers are within, as your Higher Self holds them within you. Or more accurately you - your conscious mind - exists within that Higher Aspect. So your Higher Self is not at all separate from you. This is a wonderful and empowering idea, but one that is difficult to grasp at times, especially since most of us have been programmed, from birth to look for guidance and answers from others.                                                                     

  1. Practice quieting your mind as best as you can with meditation or perhaps even some quiet time out in nature. You mustn’t be looking at your phone or focusing on work or other obligations. 

Information can come in many of these ways! You will be ahead of the game if you practice this before your appointment. Your Higher Self uses your imagination as a language to speak to you. Absorbing that idea and doing a bit of preparation to stimulate your imagination is a good way to prepare.

Click here to my video on, “Into the Cave of Creation, Divine Mothers Womb” This guided meditation has been created by the collective consciousness of Angels! It has been created to release what no longer serves you for your highest good in order to empower you and bring you forth into the light!

With this technique, you are surrounded by a protective Source love-light pyramid from the beginning to the end of the session. Know this and feel it so that you may further surrender to the infinite Reiki Healing energies.

Your Higher Self guides and protects you all along the way, from start to finish. Your higher self is you, so who to trust better than yourself?

13. When receiving healing of your mind, body, soul you may experience after session exhaustion, extra energy, cold/flu like symptoms, vomit/diarrhea, headache, continual downloads, profound dreams, synchronicities, development of your gifts. Be prepared to take care of yourself, sleep as needed and drink plenty of water during this process. Working is not recommended for the day.

Session After Care

  1. Ensure to watch your recording within 24-48 hours. It carries the Reiki healing energy, that will further aid you after your session in your continual healing and maintaining balance as if setting it into place. For the future, tune into the video as much as your intuition tells you. Often when tuning in once more, you will continue to feel the healing energy.

  2. Set an intent for 13 days as you go to bed that as you sleep your Higher Self, guides, and soul family will continue to heal you in releasing the negative energies for your highest good. Light a white candle in aid of transmuting, journal all that is occurring during these days, acknowledge lessons learned to aid the releasement.

  3. The shadow ego side of your mind will try to tell you after your session you did not receive healing. Do not believe it. Stand strong in your heart, trust the technique, and most importantly the power of the Higher Self, and you. Trust, remember the feelings you felt during the session, the emotion, the feelings you cannot make these up. When you doubt, instead remember those feelings to bring you back to belief.

  4. When allowing doubts within your vibration, this will slow the process of healing down because of the lower frequencies that doubt emits into your energies and vessel. Once you shift back into belief it shall continue the healing process, by raising your vibration higher.

  5. Creating an intent of surrounding yourself daily with a bubble of love light as you wake up and go to bed is influential in maintaining your vibration high, and not letting in doubt allowing your mind to become infringed upon.

  6. When receiving healing of your mind, body, soul you may experience after session exhaustion or extra energy, cold/flu-like symptoms, vomiting/diarrhea, headache, continual downloads, profound dreams, synchronicities, development of your gifts. It is recommended to not work the day of the session.

  7. Take care of yourself, sleep as needed and drink plenty of water during this process. For 13 days for your mind body and soul cleanse. Only clean eating no chocolates, no sugar, absolutely no alcohol and no meat. Eat veggies, fruits, and unprocessed food.

It is an honour to have aided in your healing today, if you wish to leave a review please follow link below

Love and light

RAAH Home Cleansing Preparartion

  1. Provide the layout of the home-2 stories, ranch style, how many bedrooms, attached or detached garage, backyard…etc.

  2. While there is still light outside, ensure to have white sage and 2 small thin candles in white and purple the day of the cleansing.

  3. Open the doors to all closets and bedrooms. 

  4. While standing in the room of the home that feels like the conduit “heart of the home”, at the time and date agreed, ensure to light both candles until they completely melt down. 

  5. The white sage only needs to be lit slightly. You can let it burn out completely on its own or place it out yourself. 

  6. Ensure that the candles are lit and placed somewhere safely. Once the candles melt all the way down the healing will be completed. 

  7. Set an intent as you go to bed that all healing and cleansing of the home is completed as you sleep. 

  8. You will receive an email from your practitioner once the cleansing is completed and any further details on what was cleared away.

Where Are Sessions Held?

Sessions can be done online via zoom application or in person. Please note until January 2021 in person sessions will be in Wang Wauk NSW prior to this only zoom sessions can be booked as I will be in process of moving and grounding my roots building a new home.

What Will You Need For Session?

-Privacy, Session should be done with no one else around to distract during the session.
-Somewhere to lay down that is comfortable for you.
-Headphones or headset is ideal though computer audio will be fine
-Crystals, please see session preparation section at top of this page
-Zoom application 
-Internet connection
-Some water for drinking

What is The Booking Process?

Upon selecting appointment time/date and finalising payment for session you will receive an email with zoom invite. Please ensure you read the Preparation section of this page to ensure you are prepared on the day.

Terms and Conditions

For legal purposes- Emma Walker is not a licensed physician. If you have a medical condition please see your doctor. When booking a session you agree to not hold Emma liable for any physical ailments you have or obtain in the future and are aware you are responsible for the level of healing you receive, as well as informing any of your current health practitioners that you are receiving energy healing.


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