Channeled Message From Pleiadian Higher Self

Message from my Pleiadian higher self who is my earth soul guide to aid other Pleiadians, Starseeds and awakening individuals at this time. ❤️❤️❤️

"It is in this year that the mass collective will gain 2020 vision, being able to see through the veil if we hold the intent.

This is done through setting your statement of sovereignty as will aid in gaining your power back and ability to see through the lies. There are many layers and one will see it slightly different to another though the 'bigger picture' is of the same design.

As many more awaken this will contribute to the unveiling. It is now the time when many will feel this call and are ready to shed the density that has held you back, the shadow self deep within its time for it to know the light. 🔥🙏🏻

Feeling the call to awaken will in itself shine the light on the shadow self for then you to bring your awareness to it to know it, see it, feel it then allow it move through you to source love light.

It is now that the earths energies are ascending also so many positive connections shine brightly, the more negative cords are cut the lighter your body will become to allow for ascension and space for positive cords and connection with pure source love energy 🔶💫

Regular setting of intent to cut negative cords that no longer serve the higher good will help balance and ground the intense energies you feel at this time

During this 'isolation' things seemed to slow down though incoming information picked up, with the loosening of restrictions in the near future may seem to bring more busy back into your life you are being called to remain calm and grounded to remain in your heart centre and continue focus on disherment rather than distraction. 🌲🌞🌚

Love Light and Light Love ❤️"

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