Channelled Message from A.A. Metatron for Healing Mother Earth

Updated: May 20, 2020

Channelling from A.A Metatron "Hello I am Arch Angel Metatron I am delighted to be here today to give the message that you have asked for. It is time to protect Mother Earth stand as one united to help her transmute negative energies that she is experiencing at this time, within each and every one of you lies triggers and activations that are being unlocked daily if you are seeking it, by triggering these activations you will help Mother Earth in her ascension. We aid you with this, as it is well known we cannot over step free will so it is up to each one of you to set that intent and allow us to help, yes there is a lot going on where you cannot see. The dark forces do lie just beyond the veil but so does the light. It is so much about tapping into the light, tapping into your light to heal Mother Earth. Where she is going now will be blissful but it will take work. If this message does find you, you will be already doing that work or looking or wanting to do the work. With each day brings the opportunity to learn something new to work with each other, be strong, set you're intents, set you're shields, set you're boundaries, love all because all is love. It is time for you to do what you are here to do, it is happening now, we are here with you and we applaud all that you are doing. You are the feet on the ground as you say, we all are one. For today creation needs to be birthed through which ever way your soul desires, for when you create from a positive intent the creation will be healing Mother Earth, you are so strong do not undermine this".

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