Cleansing Properties Of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt use dates back to the 17th century, where they were discovered in a town called Epsom in England. The people there began drinking the "bitter purging salts" describing the laxative qualities of the magnesium sulphate. Epsom salts became so popular that the town soon became one of Britain’s first spa destinations! 

We also know baths were first discovered in what we today know as Pakistan. They built 'Mohenjo Daro' known as the 'Great Bath' around 2500 BCE, much larger in size than most baths built today (imagine the baths we see in ancient Roman movies) Most scholars agree that they used the Great Bath for special religious functions where water was used to purify and renew the well being of the bathers. In many ways, a bath today can be said to have similar properties. A proper bath should be restorative, and it’s important to make ample time when we prepare for this beautiful water ceremony.

So it is understandable how an Epsom Salt bath ritual can be one of the most cleansing and restorative ways for us to heal ourselves, this is especially important for psychics and metaphysical light workers as we burn up lots of magnesium whilst doing our energy healing work so the Epsom salts can help clear and strengthen our auras after working with our clients.

On the physical plane when we can be grateful Epsom salts heal muscle aches, cramps, stress and tension whilst also eliminating toxins from the body such as heavy metals we come into contact with daily, toxins in vaccinations, medications and foods that contain GMO's.

On the etheric plane it has powerful benefits also. It helps eliminate toxins from our energy body. In the same way that Epsom Salts draw out the excess moisture, these salts also have a way of soaking negative energy into it too. How to use Epsom salts to cleanse energetically:

Bath Soak:

Having a cleansing and clearing bath by soaking in some Epsom salts whilst holding the intent 'to clear and cleanse without harming anyone' can be such an effective way to let go of a hard day, a trying situation, a negative experience with someone and just balance your energies again. Even more so make your bath a replenishing ritual using some dried flowers of choice and essential oils, this sure does uplift and invigorate your physically and energetically! Here are my hand-made bath salts I use.

In Your Space:

You can keep a tiny saucer of Epsom salts in any room where you wish them to soak up any negative energies, again when putting saucer out hold intention to 'cleanse and clear without harming anyone', change the salts every few days.


Your crystals will love having their energies cleansed and cleared using Epsom salts, by immersing them in a shallow bowl of part Epsom Salt part water, then set them out in the full moon light and do what ever your cleansing ritual is for your crystals.

Happy cleansing! 

Love & Light


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